Ai-powered Project Planning & Resource Allocation

Always have the best organization to deliver your work & instantly adapt to change

Leverage the power of A.I. to calculate millions of planning possibilities and get the best path to deliver your work as a team, considering all variables and constraints that you have.

And if anything changes along the way it will adapt and recalculate in milliseconds!

A.I. PLANNING VS HUMAN PLANNING (Averages - Reported By 300+ Users)

MOVE2xFaster than before
HAVE50%Less meetings & status points
GAINVisibility & Predictability
FEEL10xLess stressed & uncertain

Teams that are better planning their work, every day, with Planless.

Problem #1

We are only humans!

We have a very limited analysis capacity and are totally incapable of accurately planning work.

Considering all our tasks, skills required to perform them, dependencies, priorities, deadlines, delays, emergencies, people’s skills and experience, their availability, their workload, meetings, days-off, sick-leaves...there are millions of possibilities of planning!

On top of that, things change every day, multiple times per day, and with every change, previous plans get outdated immediately.

Problem #2

The consequences of human planning

We end up doing our best to move things forward and manage changes, leaving us with our best guesses and a lot of uncertainty.

Our plans are never up-to-date and our visibility is limited to the next days or weeks at best. We fail to understand how changes impact other things making it impossible to keep organized, constantly forced to react to fires, and to manage roadblocks.

People’s time and workload are totally unoptimized and this creates unnecessary stress on a daily basis and huge losses in productivity.

Unlock New Possibilities with A.I.

Planless’ algorithm considers all variables and constraints you have, and calculates all possibilities of planning for you, and re-calculates everything again at any change, instantly!

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Always have the best path to deliver all your work

Automatically plan and assign tasks to the right people

Automatically adapt to changes and understand their impacts

Optimize teams’ time & workload and bring total clarity on what’s to do next

Identify and anticipate potential risks and roadblocks

Have total visibility and predictability over your projects and business

How does it work?

Define. Calculate. Optimize.

Planless matches the work you have to do with the skills of your teammates.

1Team skills

Tell Planless what skills each of your team members has and then define the skill required to perform a task.

This allows Planless to know who can do what.

2Robot automating project planning

It then takes into account all your work and all the constraints that you have defined...

Planless will be able to calculate all possibilities of planning.

3Completing work

Each teammate's planning and workload will be optimized so that everybody always has their agenda full but never gets overloaded.

You’ll always get the best path to deliver your work.


Complete visibility and predictability

Get a complete overview of your projects in the timeline and know exactly when things will happen.

You can look at your work in different ways: from timeline to calendar, list views, kanban boards, or workload views, you can filter down on anything you need and save these views as presets for quick future access.

Planless timeline view


Business Intelligence

With planning that gets recalculated in milliseconds at any change, projections, analysis and simulations are now possible.

Understand your team’s real workloads now and in the future. Analyze project projections, understand which profile you need to hire, and simulate the impact of it in real-time.

Planless workload view


Understand how you perform

Deep analytics and reporting tools allow you to understand everything you need about your projects/tasks/team members in the past and in the future.

Have a complete access to your history and projections and get insights on how to perform better.

Planless insights analytics and reporting view


Always know What’s next

Every team member knows exactly what they need to do next. Planless just tell them…

They can just move from one thing to another and focus on their work and what they love to do.

Their next task is just there waiting for them to start and Planless updates their calendar in realtime!

No more searching, no more questioning, only clarity, focus, and productivity...

Planless What's on my Plate


Everything you need to manage your tasks and projects

Super simple to use yet powerful enough to manage every aspect of your projects as a team in one place and streamline your work.

Todo lists, Tasks, Events, Files, Time tracking, Chat, Integrations, Notifications, Alerts, Permissions, Tags, … everything you need is there.

Planless task details view


Collaboration at heart

Collaborate on anything... Chat between team members or with customers on projects and tasks or a dedicated 1to1 chat, create group discussions, or even start a video conference from within Planless.

Planless is where your team meets every day and where work gets done together!

Planless chat view

5 stars service 5 yellow stars - Our Onboarding

We will help you get started. Fast.

We’ll start with an onboarding call to define everything you need, then we will help you import your existing data, and finally, we’ll train your team so everyone knows how to use it!

Be fully up & running in few hours!

Here’s what Lizz can tell you about our onboarding:

Here’s Why Our Users LOVE Planless

We're only using it for some weeks and we already see amazing results. We're around 30% more productive than before and that will probably increase with time.

Planless really helps in automatically managing task assignments, tracking our times, and having visibility over all our projects.

It has everything we need from managing our tasks, collaborating on them, managing files, and having an internal chat. It's an all-in-one tool.

We tried many tools but none of them gave us the intelligence and results brings us today.

I definitely recommend it!

Avatar Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana

Founder & Creative director at snap

Planless automation made our life easier. It is saving us so much time and allowing us to focus on what we like to do and are good at.

It removes a lot of unnecessary work and research. We just know what we need to do, where to find the right information and don’t have to figure these out.

It gives us great visibility over our projects, what’s going on, and anticipate early on.

Its design and usability are fantastic, it is super easy to navigate and start using.

The stopwatch to track our time is the best we’ve ever seen. It is made so easy to use and incorporated in the workflow that we finally are able to keep track of how much time we’re spending with zero effort.

We don’t like to give 10’s but Planless definitely deserves a 9.5/10…

Avatar Bernadett Gyurics

Bernadett Gyurics

Head of E-learning at Neting

In the past, we were spending countless hours managing our projects and planning who should do what.

What planless did for us is incredible. It drastically reduced these time-consuming manual updates and we just have to focus on what the tool tells us to do.

We immediately identify risky situations and can react to them.

We are now 100% focused on delivering quality apps and doing what we love every day.

Avatar Anindya Das

Anindya Das

Founder at AppsInception

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  • Unlimited projects, tasks and events
  • Unlimited viewers
  • Unlimited file storage
  • Support: we’re here to help when you need

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We will help you get started. Fast.

We’ll start by defining everything you need, then we will help you import your existing data and finally, we’ll train your team!

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