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Planless helps businesses move faster, reduce risks, & augment predictability.

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Making planning possible

Planning is humanly impossible. Considering people’s skills and availabilities, tasks’ dependencies, projects deadlines, daily changes, priorities shift, ...etc, results in millions of possibilities of planning.

Planless calculates all the possibilities in milliseconds, and tells you who should do what and when to deliver your projects the fastest possible.

Instantly adapt to change

Project management tools are great at managing tasks and projects but they require a lot of manual work and constant updates every time something changes.

With Planless, you’ll always have the best plan in place as it constantly and automatically recalculates your optimal planning.

Keep your business on track

Existing solutions don’t allow you to manage conflicts and anticipate roadblocks easily and automatically.

Planless enables you to have better visibility and reactivity so that you can manage uncertainty and react on time.

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Supercharge your intuition and get an intelligent assistant to make your plans realistic

We all plan work with our gut instinct, trying to define priorities and distribute work to our team. Then we constantly update the plan trying to keep up with changes and reacting to fires.

We are incapable of considering all variables and potential scenarios to make accurate decisions when planning our tasks.

Planless removes the guesswork and helps you optimize your plans and reduces risks so you can focus on moving work forward.

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All-in-one platform, up and running in seconds!

We built Planless for it to be as simple as possible while giving you the tools you need to manage your projects and collaborate efficiently.

Import all your tasks from your actual tool and onboard your team in one day.

Our team can help you transition and be ready to implement planless in your daily workflow with no pain.

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What others are saying

...a disruptive new technology that will change the way teams organize their work.

EIN Press wire logo all-in-one project management and collaboration platform that enables teams and companies to get their businesses to the next level.

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Major breakthrough technology...

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We're only using it for some weeks and we already see amazing results. We're around 30% more productive than before and that will probably increase with time.

Planless really helps in automatically managing task assignments, tracking our times, and having visibility over all our projects.

It has everything we need from managing our tasks, collaborating on them, managing files, and having an internal chat. It's an all-in-one tool.

We tried many tools but none of them gave us the intelligence and results brings us today.

I definitely recommend it!

Avatar Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana

Founder & Creative director at snap

Planless automation made our life easier. It is saving us so much time and allowing us to focus on what we like to do and are good at.

It removes a lot of unnecessary work and research. We just know what we need to do, where to find the right information and don’t have to figure these out.

It gives us great visibility over our projects, what’s going on, and anticipate early on.

Its design and usability are fantastic, it is super easy to navigate and start using.

The stopwatch to track our time is the best we’ve ever seen. It is made so easy to use and incorporated in the workflow that we finally are able to keep track of how much time we’re spending with zero efforts.

We don’t like to give 10’s but Planless definitely deserves a 9.5/10…

Avatar Bernadett Gyurics

Bernadett Gyurics

Head of E-learning Unit at Neting Informatika

In the past, we were spending countless hours managing our projects and planning who should do what.

What planless did for us is incredible. It drastically reduced these time-consuming manual updates and we just have to focus on what the tool tells us to do.

We immediately identify risky situations and can react to it.

We are now 100% focused on delivering quality apps and doing what we love every day.

Avatar Anindya Das

Anindya Das

Founder at AppsInception