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Who should do what and when depending on each one’s skills and availabilities.

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Linking your team members’ skills to the tasks they can perform predictive engine works by finding who, on your team, is the best suited to perform a task depending on the required skill needed to execute it, the level of each team member on this skill and their availability.

You don’t need to constantly assign or re-assign tasks anymore in order to balance your team’s workload and tasks' priorities.

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Get your team on the same page by providing them with all the information they need in the same place.

Collaborate by commenting and linking files to each task in order to clarify what needs to be done. Follow a task and get notifications only about what matters to you.

Everybody knows what to do next and you can see progress at any time.

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Automatically adapt to change

Your work requires an agile approach and you should focus only on priorities. takes care of the hard work for you. Instantly get a sense of the impact of any priority change and rely on realistic schedules.

Because estimations are merely a guess, handles the uncertainty and gives you an up-to-date schedule at any time.

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All the tools you need!

Dashboard Dashboard
Immediately see what you or your teammates are working on, your next tasks and what was recently achieved.
Timeline Timeline
See in real time when tasks can be done, capturing the uncertainty of your estimations
Follow a task Follow a task
And be aware of any change only on what matters to you.
Effort estimates Effort estimates
Define the amount of work for each task by defining a minimum and maximum effort
Due dates Due dates
Set your deadlines to be warned at any time if something goes off track or is at risk
Delay dates Delay dates
Not everything can start immediately. If necessary, control when a task can start if needed.
Dependencies Dependencies
Sometimes you’ll need to finish something before a task can start
Estimations Estimations
Always see the best and worst case scenarios from’s prediction engine for each task
Time tracking Time tracking
Track the time you are working on tasks to know where you and your team are spending time.
Files Files
Attach any files from Google Drive, Dropbox or Box directly to the task at hand
Comments Comments
Talk to your teammates about a certain task, mention them and be notified if someone’s mentioning you.
Subtasks Subtasks
Split up and easily organize your work
Events Events
Define meetings and recurring tasks so they can be taken into account on your availability.
Holidays & days off Holidays & days off
Global or for a team member in particular, time off is part of the plan
Skill levels Skill levels
From beginner to expert, your teammates will take more or less time to perform a task

Much more coming soon….

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Security of

Security Your data is safe and secured in a high-performance database with constant backups.

a real-time task management tool

Real-time uses a real-time database. Any change made by anyone on your team is seen immediately without the need to refresh.

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Support We are always here to help you out and want to know how we can improve. It is part of your subscription.

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