All-in-one planning, project management
& collaboration platform

Whatever the type of project or workflow, provides you with all the tools you need to deliver your projects successfully.


Visualize your work the way you need

From a project manager, worker or top management perspective, easily get the view you need.

Project and tasks management timeline view of planlessProject and tasks management list view of planlessProject and tasks management kanban board view of planlessProject and tasks management workload view of planless
Project and tasks management timeline view of planless


Get your projects mapped out

Organize and visualize your tasks and projects in time and have a 360° view of when things will happen.

Project and tasks management list view of planless


See the essentials, in a simple way

Quickly find your tasks, order them the way you want and remove all the noise.

Project and tasks management kanban board view of planless


Organize the status of your tasks

Be agile and define the main status of your "in progress" work and get a quick insight into the stage of each task.

Project and tasks management workload view of planless


Get insights on your team's work

Easily know what's on the plate of someone or have insights on how your team is doing.

Plan, manage & deliver your projects

Everything you need for successful project management and mapping out easily your work ahead.

Prediction engine

Automatically calculates the best organization for you, telling you exactly who should do what and when things will happen.


Organize your tasks and projects the way you want by creating unlimited sub-levels.


Breakdown your projects into tasks, set descriptions, define required skills and all other necessary details.


Define events, meetings, or anything that would let our engine know that your team is busy at that moment.

Recurring events

The best way to manage recurring unavailability like a weekly meeting or daily stand-ups.


That your tasks are to be done, in progress or finalized, easily define the status of each one and who's working on it.


Define the amount of work for each task by defining a minimum and maximum effort estimate allowing the engine to give accurate predictions.

Due dates

Set your deadlines and be warned if a project or task is at risk so you can immediately react to it.


Define delays on your tasks when they can't be started before a certain moment.

Force assignment

Our engine assigns tasks automatically but you can always decide another way.


Manage the priorities of your tasks allowing you to quickly manage deadline issues or emergencies that would come up.


Setup dependencies to indicate that a task cannot start while another task or group of tasks isn't finished yet.

Tasks list

Easily import lists of tasks with unlimited levels of hierarchy in one single click.


Reuse projects or tasks quickly and easily by duplicating tasks or a group of tasks.

Import tasks

Import your tasks from other tools or from CSV files

Analyzing, Monitoring & Reporting tools

Have a 3000 feet or closeup view on what is going on throughout your entire company and be able to analyze and report easily.


Analyze your projects on the timeline view and see how everything plans out in time.


Easily get a list of tasks you want to have a look at and sort them the way you want.


Manage your tasks from start to finish and through every stage with planless kanban board.


Dive into your team's workload, see what each one has on his plate and where your business can be optimized for better delivery.

Search & Filter

Our advanced search and filtering system will allow you to see just the data you need and focus on any part of your work.


Define and reuse filtering presets and jump from one view to another in seconds.

Time tracking

Track time worked on each task and get an aggregate automatically on higher levels like phases or projects.

Collaborate and stay tuned on everything

Share and find information where it belongs to and get notified every time you need to be aware of changes.


Create direct chats, group chats, discussion channels and start a visio conference in one click. All you need to discuss anything you need.

Follow tasks/projects

One-click, follow a task or group of tasks and get notified every time something changes on it.


Collaborate directly on a task or project level by commenting, mentioning teammates and sharing valuable information.


Get notified inside of planless or by email every time something important for you comes up.


Link files and attach them to where they belong. Never again spend time looking for the right document, it's just there, where you need it.


Connect to your Slack environment and get your notifications directly there, or share your files using your company's Google drive, Box or Dropbox account...

Make it your own personal tool comes with a set of admin tools that allows you to fine-tune your workspace to fit your needs.


Create teams and subteams to map out your workspace like your company's organization.


Define the skills of your teams and organize them into categories for easy access.

Client or partner access

Give your clients or partners simple viewer access to the projects they need to be involved in and offer them a view of what is happening.

Holidays & days-off

Manage globally or for each team member's days-off and holidays in order to tell planless engine when people are working or not.

Project/tasks permissions

Fine-tune accesses to any part of your workspace stating who can administrate, manage, work or view something.

Settings permissions

Setup the members of your company that can define any type of setting.

Workload permissions

Manage who can see the workload of any other teammate so your colleagues just see what they need to.

Custom boards

Create custom boards to manage task stages to represent your own internal phases.

This is also part of it...

We value the security and privacy of your data, aim to deliver a blazing-fast tool, and are here to help.

Security & Privacy

Your data is safe and secured in a high-performance database with constant backups.

Real-time uses a real-time database. Any change made by anyone on your team is seen immediately without the need to refresh.

Customer success

We are always here to help you out and want to know how we can improve. It is part of your subscription.