26 Sept 2021

This is our favourite subject so grab a drink, sit back and enjoy the passion for flow.

In this article, we provide a glimpse of all the management and working experiences we gathered in our rather short lives. We’ll cover all the main points that need to be considered when it comes to be successful a managing a great team.

1. Choose the right players

Every single team member needs to align with your business culture. Having the most skilled people in your team really doesn’t matter if your team doesn’t align properly to your mission, your shared values and interests.

2. Collaboration is key

People need the right tools to perform a good job but to thrive in a company they need to be aligned on the culture and most importantly in the values the company he or she works for. Feedback, transparency, and alignment are the keys to success in every team. Make sure to have a clear communication and collaboration process in place so that everybody uses the same channels and information doesn’t get lost

3. People are people so… talk

Make sure to have open communication with every team member. When communication is broken, things fall apart. Make sure that transparent communication is in place at any time and don’t take it for granted. We often see managers thinking people are straightforward with them as it’s not the case.

4. Spread work wisely

Any enterprise has a limited capacity to perform any project. Managers have to carefully allocate the resources and make adjustments to better adapt to any given situation. Sharing knowledge, open dialog, and open communication about thow things are going and how the team can help each other to thrive is a key factor.

5. Be a Chief of Happiness Officer

A company’s culture is based on the values it defines as its core priority of existence. Company workers need to be extra committed, get rid of distractions, and program themselves to concentrate on their tasks. Perform some company climate measuring to show that you care about the happiness and commitment your team members are feeling towards the company.

6. Identification vs. Commitment

Top vs. poor performers is a matter of motivation and commitment. Make sure to have them well-identified and help top performers stay motivated while helping poor performers growing to the upper tier. Set goals and expectations, both on a personal and team level. This would push you to go further on your particular performance and the groups’ teamwork outcome.

7. Cultivate Transparency

Sharing information can only lead to better decision-making. Two heads think better than one. Company knowledge should be preached like gospel so everyone can learn from past experiences and communication should be open and respectful. If everyone feels comfortable expressing their state of mind things would run smoothly.

8. Skills, skills, skills

It is important to constantly motivate the team members to develop in their knowledge in order to acquire new skills that can be placed into practice or shared with other team members. Hard skills, new skills, and training must be a natural unfolding of each team member’s personality.

9. Unfolding everyone’s expertise

Progress can, and should continuously be measured to keep people motivated and on track to develop their own skills following their vocation. Taking people out of their comfort zone is not to make them miserable, it is to motivate them to acquire a new set of skills and keep them curious about how they can make things better a task at the time. Mentoring is a great way to discover the secret talents and vocation of your coworkers and even can work in a two-way sense, meaning everyone has something to teach each other.

10. Training / personal development

Maintain a learning culture and make sure to have each individual learning with their preferred ways of learning. We all learn in different ways, so you don’t necessarily need to have the same type of training for everyone. Encourage self-learning and make sure to have everybody in the company onboard and teaching their skills to others.